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how to mix your own vape juice eliquid

Can You Mix Vape Juice? The Basics

Mixing Vape Juice flavours to come up with new combinations can be a lot of fun. Like most anything else, it helps to have a good foundation of knowledge and a few simple rules to follow to get the results that you want. Here are some basics to get you started.

General rules

Mixing e-juice presents a whole world of new flavour possibilities, but there are a few guidelines from which you shouldn’t stray. These include:
  • Sticking with similar viscosity blends
  • Using similar flavour profiles
  • Using common-sense ratios

For example, you’ll have the most success mixing flavours that you know will go well together, such as caramel and apple, and start with a 50/50 mix in most situations. There are exceptions, of course – for example, cinnamon is a pretty strong flavour, so you might want to include that one in your blends in smaller amounts. If you have a particularly oddball e-juice like cola, you might want to save it until you have more experience with mixing juices and a well-rounded base of flavours mixed up.

The ratio

Figuring out your ratios can be tricky at first. One major factor is potency. For instance, the difference between red and green apple is huge. You might be able to mix red apple with another fruit flavour such as blueberry in a 50/50 mix with no issue, but the tartness od green apple may call for a lighter touch.

If you do want to mix a stronger flavour with a more mellow one, establish a stable ratio using the drop technique. For example: you might try one drop of green apple for every ten drops of banana, and then adjust accordingly. You can also use this rule when mixing those “weird” or more off-the-wall flavours. Once you have a good base, such as strawberry lemonade, for instance, then you can introduce your “special sauce” in 5% increments until you reach the flavour you’re aiming for.

Flavours that work well together

If you’re wondering how to make vape liquid that provides unique flavour, a good place to start is by thinking of food flavours that taste good together and go from there. There are lots of step-by-step recipes available on the Internet that you can try, or you can simply think of your favourite food flavour combos for inspiration. For example, you’ll likely have plenty of success with blends such as:

  • Apple-banana
  • Apple-blueberry
  • Peanut butter-banana
  • Lemon-custard
  • Coffee-chocolate cake
  • Popcorn-caramel
  • Orange-almond
  • Vanilla-pistachio
  • Watermelon-cucumber-apple

Remember that learning how to make e-juice of your own is supposed to be fun. Everyone makes mistakes when they first start out, just like cooking. In fact, if you haven’t made a mistake yet, then you probably aren’t doing it right! Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with your favourite flavours to create new and exciting e-liquids to enjoy and show off. Before you know it, you’ll be expertly mixing up delicious flavours for a truly tasty vaping experience.



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