The Hybrid You Have Been Waiting For

It is undeniable that the current world that we are currently living in is full of technological advancements, breakthroughs, and milestones. One of the most iconic of all of these developments is the invention of a healthier way to huff and puff smoke - electronic smoking.

In the longest time, traditional smoking - the kind of smoking that requires you to burn rolled tobacco, and inhales its smoke through a dedicated filter - is an ingredient of a true recipe for a disaster. The tar, the carcinogens, and the other harmful byproducts that come with the smoke have been time and time again proven to be deadly, not only to the smoker himself, but also to the ones around him. That is why the development of the electronic smoking and electric cigarette - a kind of smoking that is powered by batteries and does not involve burning of any base, but instead vaporizes a certain liquid that will be puffed by the smoker - has been rapid and very successful.

As advanced as e-smoking and the e-cigarette technology may seem, the development has not stopped, and is not showing signs of stopping anytime soon.

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