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Actors must often portray the act of smoking to fulfil a given role.

EPUFFER® offers a range of products that allow actors to create a realistic effect complete with non-toxic vapour that’s much safer for the actor and others nearby than smoke. If you are looking for a product to use onstage, that looks like a cigarette, cigar, or pipe but without the smoke, smell, or carcinogens, we have you covered.

smoking on stage theater performance ecigarette

EPUFFER® is proud to be the official brand recommended by the ACTORS’ EQUITY ASSOCIATION UNION. We provide e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and e-pipes for performances on stages around the world. In recent years, as fewer venues allow smoking and fewer people want to do it anyway, actors have experimented with a variety of alternatives to give characters the appearance of smoking. From simply pantomiming the act to using talcum powder or cornstarch to create “smoke,” there have been lots of ways to create the illusion of smoking – but none as realistic as our e-cigarettes, pipes, and cigars.

We have products that look very much like the real thing and produce large, realistic vapour clouds that look and behave a lot like smoke (but smell much better and are much safer). Now, it’s easy for actors to pretend to smoke onstage, and you’ll find that you won’t run into trouble with most venues’ rules when you’re puffing an e-cig instead of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Our products are tested and certified by Ramboll, a leading engineering, design, and consultancy company founded in 1945 in Denmark. Ramboll employs over 15,000 experts globally, many of whom are based in the UK, North America, Continental Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific regions. With 300 offices in 35 countries, Ramboll combines a global knowledge base with local experience to achieve inspiring solutions that make a real difference to our clients.

If you’re looking for the perfect “smoking” product to use in a performance, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.