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very Good service. I liked the Robusto cigar smooth flavour but did not like the robusto eliquid which was completely different taste

Dear J Murad,

We use the exact same eliquid in Robusto cigar and also offering in eliquid format. The flavour difference is not in eliquid, but devices it is used in. Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent product

Excellent service and the products actually work and are very well made.

1 year off the tobacco now

Very responsive to orders and queries with a great range of products that I’ve recommended to my friends

I love this company, the XPod is brilliant and will continue using this company

Excellent products have been using their e-liquids for of a couple of years.
Just bought an XPOD which is amazing.

Fabulous company. I have always received very prompt delivery. I bought the e=pipe for my husband and he has never gone back to using tobacco.. The spare parts are usually readily available.

VERY WELL MADE PRODUCT(d1800 e-cigar)no complaints so far.

I've been using epuffer to source my vaping requirements fora couple of years now and they are hands down better than the competition. Very responsive to queries and orders and well priced too!

I used to get my e-cigs from gamucci but I had a lot of trouble with them, some did not workat all and some seemed only half full, so glad I tried e-puffer and I have never looked back, always reliable, no trouble, keep up the good work, your customer forever
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