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Great company, excellent customer service. No hassle, no worries just top class products delivered quickly. Thanks epuffer

have been with e puffer for quite a few years now and would not change for anyone else, products are right, price is right, service is excellent, quick and precise

Been vaping for many years now and have always found puffer products to be top quality. The Robusto cigars are simply the best on the market with a great soft tip and good flavour. Also the Snaps e-cigs is a great product, done the cloud chasing as everyone does and have gone back to the cig a likes with Kmaps, Mocha is a great flavour ample vapour and very very easy to use. Five stars from me all the way

Brilliant product and excellent customer service, would rate very highly to anyone.

Company I chose when I first changed to vape. Have tried alternatives a couple of times but non have equaled the consistent quality, value, price and customer service of epuffer.

Great company providing great service. When I have a question, I always get a quick and clear answer. Very good products that are unfortunately not available here in Belgium. It is a pity that now, after the Brexit, we have to pay so much tax because this makes the products very expensive.

the most right professionals, whenever needed served me. Their products are exceptional, especially the e900. It is a pity that they do not have a warehouse in the European Union so that we can continue to buy

A brilliant company
First class customer service.... actually amazing

Excellent customer service!! I would like to say thank you very much to Lisa Green who accompanies me since day one. She is a professional!!!

very Good service. I liked the Robusto cigar smooth flavour but did not like the robusto eliquid which was completely different taste

Dear J Murad,

We use the exact same eliquid in Robusto cigar and also offering in eliquid format. The flavour difference is not in eliquid, but devices it is used in. Thanks for your feedback!

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