I used to get my e-cigs from gamucci but I had a lot of trouble with them, some did not workat all and some seemed only half full, so glad I tried e-puffer and I have never looked back, always reliable, no trouble, keep up the good work, your customer forever

The pipe unbelievable seriously unbelievable. Flake Vape so smooth and if you just inhale a small amount the hit is amazing especially for those who like a throat hit. Worth every penny . Great to relax in private or out and about. Excellent

Right I'm back after a year of E-Puffering to follow up my previous review with one based on longer-term experience. I carry my pipe all the time and chain-vape all the time - the pipe gets no rest, so I think I'm qualified to offer a decent review.
Pipe is still fantastically reliable and continues to deliver total satisfaction and the coils, to my delight, just last ages.
I have managed to break one pipe with a hard drop which caused it to simply stop working. My current one I dropped so hard onto concrete that the wooden stem split and was left attached to the rest by just the two wires.
I glued it back together (nothing ventured, nothing gained), and it still smokes perfectly, despite that being not the first time I dropped it.
Customer service is always superb too. I am one very satisfied customer.

Being a smoker of 15-20 a day. I decided to quit smoking and was recommended the XPod with pre-filled coils. Started that and not gone back to cigarettes since.

To top it all up, this company has Excellent customer service!

Thank you very much

Best e-cigs on market.

I love this company

Love doing business with this company. Anytime I have needed support with anything I get very prompt answers from very friendly staff. Well done

Epuffer 629x 2019
One month of ownership - all pleasure, no problems. I did change the coil after a fortnight, but not sure that was necessary. I'm going to leave this one and see how it goes.
This is the fourth e-pipe I've had and this one stands head and shoulders above the rest, truly in a class of its own. All quality - even just a glance at the coils (big problem part on other e-pipes!) will show you how much quality Epuffer put into their products. I've never had pipe coils last anywhere near as long, and these ones are no dearer. Unbelievably they don't pack up instantly if you (stupidly) empty the fluid reservoir.
Big secret I can share with you: No need to buy the whole £150 starter kit - if you buy just a pipe by spares, you can get going at half the price. (Epuffer customer service will even advise you (promptly!) on compatibility. That is exceptional value for a product this good. And no dearer than the next best. Which still comes nowhere near.
I love the pipe, but don't like "Mods", and was on the point of giving up on e-pipes with the prospect of falling back to hand-rolling. Thank you Epuffer for having the answer to my prayer - I find this even more satisfying than roll-ups, and despite constant "chain-vaping" (which I suspect done for the others), it just keeps delivering.
My sincere advice: save yourself all the annoyance and frustration I've been through and get one of these.

Thanks to Delia for fantastic customer service. Thoroughly enjoying my new 629 pipe and the spares for my 605 allowing me to use up 17 packs of cartridges I have left.

Thank you Delia.


My wife has been smoking for 40 years and has refused point blank to stop. She has tried e-cigs on occasion and didn't get on with them.
Because of where we are going on holiday this year, she needed an alternative to cigarettes. She wanted something discrete and natural for a smoker, that was still a little stylish.
Much web surfing led me to ePuffer and the Magnum kit.
Bought it. She tried it......
"These are better than cigarettes!" says she.
Two weeks later, she is down from 40 to 5 a day and I've just ordered a load more snaps.
Thanks ePuffer, I think we've cracked it.
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