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Giving up on the tobacco cigarettes is a great idea for so many reasons. Your doctor will be able to give a long list of them for example. Unfortunately after giving up many people report quite strong cravings which sometimes send them back to the cigarettes. A common craving is for sweet tasting foods and snacks. There's nothing wrong...

Scientists Use Revolutionary E Cig Design to Map Brain Activity

A group of British scientists have been working to closely assess the effect of smoking on the brain. The studies completed to date have involved assessing test patients in various ways while they smoke an e cigarette.

The New XPOD rechargeable vape pod provides satisfying taste,

unbeatable convenience, and sleek, modern design – right at your fingertips. Its lightweight design and all-in-one operation make it ideal for bringing along with you anywhere you go in your pocket or purse. Here are some of the other benefits of choosing the XPOD...

Weight related issues cost the NHS billions upon billions of pounds every year and yet they still firmly urge smokers to stop lighting up. Many people assume giving up smoking will instantly cause them to pile on weight however experts say this isn't necessarily true.


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