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XPOD - Vape Pod Kit - Carbon Navy

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With an XPOD™ rechargeable vape pod, you can experience the satisfying taste, unique stylish design, and convenience of vaping, literally at your fingertips. Its light in weight and all-in-one operation make the XPOD™ ideal to carry in your pocket or purse, ready to enjoy anywhere, any time.

Based on the ePuffer's award-winning SNAPS® magnetic atomization technology, the new XPOD Vape POD is a sleek modern device, which features a 375mAh rechargeable battery, a type-C fast USB-3 charging port, a 1.5ml POD cartridge capacity and comes in various colors.

The XPOD™ can be used with a variety of pre-filled POD flavours, as well as with blanks PODs, which can be filled with an e-liquid flavour of your choice.

What's Included with ePuffer XPOD Starter Kit
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 Blank refillable Vape Pod Cartridges
  • USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • Multi language User's Guide

  • Truly Sophisticated Design
  • Charge Time: 45-50mins
  • 100% Leak Free Operation
  • Organic Cotton Wick
  • Cigarettes like smoking smooth draw

Technical Specifications
  • Battery Capacity: 375mAh
  • POD Cartridige Capacity 1.5ml
  • Length: 110mm
  • Width: 20mm
  • Depth: 6-11mm
  • Weight: 23g

Taste and Satisfaction

Puffing on an XPOD™ gives you the same gratification as smoking cigarettes. Inhaling on a pod produces a vapour that appears like smoke giving you the pleasurable feeling of smoking a cigarette. The vapour provides a satisfying throat hit, and when exhaled, it evapourates into the air after a few seconds.

The Convenience

A strong point of the XPOD™ is that it rechargeable and come with three blank pod cartridges that you can prefill your favourite eliquid and nicotine strength. XPOD™ requires no cleaning or maintenance, and you don’t need to worry about leaking, clogging, or nicotine build-up. When your XPOD cartridge is empty, simply discard it and replace it with a fresh one, or if you are using a refillable cartridge, fill it with ejuice and continue vaping. The blank PODS can be refilled 3-4 times.



I have had 2 xpod pens on the go for a full year, charging them both at least twice a day. Refillable pods are amazing how long they last, I usually get at least a week out of 2 of them before the coils go bad I use nic salt 50/50.
These get some right hammer in all conditions out on a construction site.

Gone from £15 a day on fags to less than £10 in salt and pods per week!
Ultra reliable little but satisfying devices, sick of seeing people walk about with what looks a car back box they suck o …..

love it, it's easy to use. just be careful if it falls it will broke, I had my for month and a half, just ordering new one :)

I have 4 of this product.
Ive been vaping for many year's, Im so happy with this device,probably the best ive had.
Obviously keep it clean with cue tips and my cardinal rule is never puff if it appears the pod is almost empty.
By treating my pod correctly it can last up to 3 weeks even when i fill it 3 times a day.
Love it.

Can’t fault them, have ordered a 3rd one, wish I had found them sooner. Most realistic smoking sensation, and discreet, and really attractive casing, the double mango and apple nic salts work so well with this device. Thought one had stopped working but their was a build up eliquid and dust so I now routinely clean the contacts area with a cotton bud dipped in a tiny bit of alcohol to prevent issues. Highly recommend.

This is my second X pod, it would appear there is a weakness around the LED, where a crack has appeared on both units, which prevents the draw, So l doubt l will get another.

Reply from customer service:

Hi Jim, thanks for your valuable feedback, it will be forwarded to our R&D team. Please contact us and we will arrange a replacement.

I had 6 months use out of the first one, which now locks on all the time, there will be liquid in the activator valve. It might dry eventually. You have to Qtip the chamber at every fill and wipe the cartridge as they do gather liquid a bit.

The second one, (3 months and still going) I dropped. Do NOT DROP THESE! there is a small magnet that holds the pod in place and it jumps out of position when you drop it. Have to use sellotape to make a push fit for the pod on that one now.

Having said that they are a really satisfying smoke, last most of the day, easy to maintain and frugal with liquid. So I just ordered another 2.

I too was smoking quite heavily after life dealt a blow. The xpod has been brilliant for replacing the many cigarettes I was smoking, so good I've recommended this device to others wanting to quite. 5 star and customer service is brilliant too.

Reply from ePUffer customer service:
Dear Lisa, thanks for your valuable feedback. We are very glad to hear our XPOD is working for you and your friends.

Smoking 15 a day and with the potential health problems I searched for a solution that would help me quit. This was perfect and still is, a small, discreet vaping product that dosent give off clouds of smoke but satisfies. Thank you Epuffer fo this great product!
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