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EPUFFER Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 629 X ) Limited Edition - New 2021 Model

The new E-Pipe 629X 2021 model is now bundled and featuring a Flat LED Cap.

Already famed globally for electronic cigarettes and vaporiser technology, ePuffer have now launched a new electronic pipe that promises to taste as good as it looks.

ePuffer has updated the already popular E-Pipe 629 for the fifth time in order to provide the vape enthusiast with a more intense flavour with even more vapour. Our newest tank is a micro sub-ohm 1.0Ω resistance design and our starter kit comes with even more customizable options. The E-Pipe 629X is a luxury item for the everyday consumer that offers the highest quality vape. Read on to see what this limited-edition vape has to offer.

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If you are looking for an e-pipe, then this new model is the one for you!


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E-Pipe 629X 2021 Specifications-Starter Kits and Compatible Components

The E-Pipe 629X is projected to be an international best-seller because it is one of, if not the, best of its kind among its competition. This e-pipe comes with a graceful, cherrywood bowl made with an automatic airflow sensor and a stylish black stem mouthpiece. These pieces will come in every starter kit:

● High-grade Nitecore New i2 Dual Slot Universal Battery Charger built with a fuse to avoid short-circuiting--comes with a one-year warranty

● 2 rechargeable high capacity 1200mAh 18350 lithium batteries. New!

● 5 spare atomizers made of U.S Kanthal coil wire and Japanese Organic Cotton wick. It has a ceramic base and a coil resistance of 1.0 ±0.1 Ωohms

● 2 liquimizers - New TPD Ready 2ML liquamizers are made from tempered quartz glass that resist temperatures up to 2200°F and have a 510 connection thread.

All of the above pieces come stylishly enclosed in a mahogany finish MDF wooden box which is ideal for giving as a gift or as an elegant way to store spare parts. You can also choose to purchase a pipe stand made of pear wood that is conveniently foldable.


Electronic Pipe 629X epipe Kit


E-Pipe 629X 2021 Limited Edition Starter Kit Content

Electronic Pipe 629 Real Solid Wood Bowl
2pcs. - High Drain IMR-1200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries New!
2 Liquamizers TPD Ready 2ML ( Glass Tank ) Silver and Gold Trim Updated!
2 Flat LED Bowl Caps, Silver and Gold Trim New!
5pcs. Micro Sub-Ohm Atomizers ( Heating Coils )
Spare Mouthpiece Stem
Universal Nitecore New i2 Dual Slot Rapid Battery Charger 110/240V
Wooden Giftbox
Instruction Manual


  • Protected Direct Airflow system
  • Optional Zirconia Crystal Cap ( Stealth Crystal Cap is Sold Separately )
  • Liquamizer ( Clearomizer ) Tank technology with replaceable micro sub-ohm heating coils
  • Delivers great vapour production, rich flavour and smooth draw.

629X 2021 Updates and Revisions for a Better E-Pipe

Not only do we have the consumer in mind, but with each new revision, we strive to accommodate every aspect of the vaping experience. We have made the limited edition even better by including a micro sub-ohm atomizer with lower resistance than ever before for even more pleasure with every puff. Our customers asked for more vapour, and we gave it to them! This is, however, not a box mod and won’t produce the kind of clouds that will have your neighbours staring. We cater to the advanced vaper/smoker who craves an intense flavour but would rather distance him/herself from the trendy cloud-chasing games which are so popular among the younger generations.

In this revision, we have also included both the gold and silver trim options in one starter kit. While previously, users had to choose between silver and gold, there is one of each included right in the starter kit so that vapers can coordinate their e-pipe with their accessories such as watch bands or cuff-links or color-coordinate their e-liquids (e.g. gold for tobacco, silver for sweets, etc.) Your wardrobe as well as your vaping collection will surely get a fashionable update.

In Conclusion:

The E-Pipe 629X 2021 is the sleekest new model on the market offering the highest-quality vapes for affordable prices. The e-pipe is designed with the proper gentleman in mind and has the class and elegance of any traditional pipe and will satisfy the new and experienced vaper alike.

Please note! The Epipe stand is not included and shown for illustrative purposes only.


This pipe is probably the best thing I've ever bought - seriously - I'm thinking it has saved my life! As a cigarette smoker of 35 years - with countless failed attempts at quitting - this pipe has worked (now 6 months sans ciggies). I also want to say that epuffer's customer service ha been above and beyond. I had a couple of problems with a broken bowl, which were remedied by epuffer with great speed and care. Exemplary service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

What can I say but Wow! Just got this as a christmas present off my good lady, the quality & finish is fantastic so easy to set up the draw off it is just perfect. I also got the deluxe pipe stand & it certainly compliments the pipe I've got it standing next 2 a glass of port, stunning products & would fully recommend 2 any 1 who wants a quality epipe as this is definitely a excellent product, well done e puffer you have got a very happy new customer & no doubt I will b buying other products off you in the near future. Happy christmas 2 1 & all .yungy

Well worth the wait!
Due to worldly events I had to wait a couple of months but so glad I chose the 629X from ePuffer. The quality is excellent, pipe easy to set up and fill, and the draw is perfect.
I did have the 1st tank full leak everywhere but either faulty coil or user error. I changed the coil and so far no leaks or gurgles.
Looking at it wreaks quality, from the wooden bowl, to the quality tank and through to the stem. I went with the nice stand too so it looks great on my coffee table!
Customer service is excellent and I will definitely be recommending ePuffer.

I have been a customer for over 2 years now and not only has the 629x epipe helped me completely stop smoking cigarettes. but I've got to say, this company get it, the are extremely professional and are nothing but helpful. if you are wanting to quit cigarettes and are looking for a touch of class to use when you vape, get yourself this pipe, it's a fantastic investment and epuffer are very supportive when you need them. as long as I am vaping, I will be a customer of epuffer.
Thank you for helping me quit smoking cigarettes.

thank you

I’ve had my first 629 for about 18 months and it’s a fantastic vape when it’s working ,mine is a bit like Triggers brush it’s had one new tank and three new bowls and when it arrived the stems were to loose so they were changed for a smaller diameter, I bought a second 629 six weeks ago and that’s been great absolutely no problems but to be on the safe side I got a spare bowl , unfortunately that gave up the ghost after 10 days so it’s going back for a replacement.
It’s a pity there is nothing else on the market that comes close when they are working correctly but my first one as be APITA .

Prior to my review may I recommend the E-Puffer company for the excellent customer service and advice from their representative Deliah.
I have been a pipe smoker for some 50 years and as a result of my daughters and grandsons concerns for my wellbeing looked for a substitute.
I having examined e-pipes in general was not impressed until I discovered the e-pipes from E-Puffer, The product looked better quality in the advertising and having spoken to Deliah purchased the model 609 as my start on the e-pipe road.
The 609 was an entirely satisfactory and good introduction which eventually led me to the 629x a true revelation.
The 629x is in my opinion as close to a traditional as an e-pipe can get, it looks like, feels like and draws like a traditional pipe. In the hand it is comfortable and the quality of its manufacture obvious.
I have been using E-Puffers pipes for 3 years now and from my first experience have not been tempted to or used tobacco.
I can only recommend the pipe to anyone seeking an alternative to a traditional pipe and tobacco.

Firstly, the epuffer vendors are so easy and helpful to deal with, a DELIGHT! The pipe itself is magnificent both in 'looks' and engineering. My advice would be to read the manual first, study each part of the liquidiser, particularly where the 'O' rings are situated and be prepared to give the bowl the short time to 'settle in'. I smoked tobacco for some 40 years and find, in this pipe, ALL I want in the vaping experience. No hesitating in recommending it to any seasoned pipe smoker/vaper!!!

My Dad was a seasoned pipe smoker for over 40 years. Three years ago I bought him an e-pipe from ePuffer though I was apprehensive he wouldn't take to it. However he immediately loved it, admiring its realistic size, looks and feel, with its handsome genuine wooden bowl. He often has told me that it was the best present he ever was given. Importantly he was much safer without lighters and burning tobacco, and found the auto draw feature easy to use. I commend this e-pipe and especially the service provided by the ePuffer company: they have been very responsive, helpful and generous, a delight to deal with.

Its now my second day with this magnificent pipe, I can't praise it enough, it vapes like a dream perfect pull, the design and finish is top class it looks the part, the tank is superb sealed perfectly & simple to fill.
The unique engine of this beauty is of course the coil, I have been using top range coils for years & this is to be included in fact the taste of my juice is enhanced.
I also suggest buying the stand it sets it off.
The other revues were spot on re customer service they called me to inform that I had ordered the wrong spare coils by mistake, this was resolved over the phone by an extremely knowledgeable young lady, thank you & thanks epuffer for your brilliant service.

As I sit here puffing away on my epuffer 629x I thought I would do a review as I have owned this pipe for just over 18 months. I was a pipe smoker for over 25 years but due to pressure and health reasons I thought I would switch to vaping that was nearly 11 years ago. I have many vaping devices and have tried many epipes but none of them lasted very long I was always buying the supposed best next epipe but still no success. Until I came across the epuffer 629x. Well after 18 months of daily use I am very pleased the pipe has lasted and is still performing. Success at last and no more searching and wasting money. I consider this to be the best epipe on the market. The reason I like this pipe is that it has a electronic suction switch that mimics a pipe smoking experience. I really love this pipe and wouldn’t consider buying anything else only epuffer I think they have done a great job and have taken into account the comments from ex pipe smokers to only improve this product.. also I can’t fault the service from epuffer they are very helpful. So if you want a good epipe don’t waste your money on cheap inferior products get the best and sit back puff to your heart’s content I have and I am very happy.
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