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EPUFFER Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 629X ) Piano Glossy Ebony Dark Wood - Limited Edition - New 2021 Model

Already famed globally for electronic pipes, ePuffer have now launched a new 629X epipe featuring ebony dark wood bowl, known as one of the most expensive dark woods in the world.

ePuffer has updated the already popular E-Pipe 629X in order to provide the vape enthusiast with a more intense flavour and a collectors item with even more prestige look. The E-Pipe 629X is a luxury item for the everyday consumer that offers the highest quality vape. Read on to see what this limited-edition vape has to offer.

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E-Pipe 629X 2021 Specifications-Starter Kits and Compatible Components

The E-Pipe 629X is already an international best-seller because it is one of, if not the, best of its kind among its competition. This e-pipe comes with a graceful, piano glossy ebony dark bowl made with an automatic airflow sensor and a stylish Flat LED Cap in gold and silver trim.

E-Pipe 629X 2021 Ebony Dark Wood Limited Edition Starter Kit Content

Electronic Pipe 629X Piano Glossy Dark Ebony Solid Wood Bowl
2pcs. - High Drain IMR-1200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries New!
2 Liquamizers TPD Ready 2ML ( Glass Tank ) Silver and Gold Trim Updated!
2 Flat LED Bowl Caps, Silver and Gold Trim New!
5pcs. Atomizers ( U.S Kanthal coil, Japanese Organic Cotton wick )
Spare Mouthpiece Stem
Universal Nitecore New i2 Dual Slot Rapid Battery Charger 110/240V
Wooden Giftbox
Instruction Manual

All of the above pieces come stylishly enclosed in a Black Mate finish MDF wooden box which is ideal for giving as a gift or as an elegant way to store spare parts. The Nitecore charger ships in its own packaging.

Features & Options

  • Protected Direct Airflow system
  • Liquamizer ( Clearomizer ) Tank technology with replaceable micro sub-ohm heating coils
  • Delivers great vapour production, rich flavour and smooth draw.
  • Optional Zirconia Crystal Cap ( Stealth Crystal Cap in Gold and Silver trim is Sold Separately )

629X 2021 Updates and Revisions for a Better E-Pipe

Not only do we have the consumer in mind, but with each new revision, we strive to accommodate every aspect of the vaping experience. We have made the limited edition even better by including a micro sub-ohm atomizer with lower resistance than ever before for even more pleasure with every puff. Our customers asked for more vapour, and we gave it to them! This is, however, not a box mod and won’t produce the kind of clouds that will have your neighbours staring. We cater to the advanced vaper/smoker who craves an intense flavour but would rather distance him/herself from the trendy cloud-chasing games which are so popular among the younger generations.

In this revision, we have included the new Flat LED Caps both the gold and silver trim options. While previously, users had to choose between silver and gold, there is one of each included right in the starter kit so that vapers can coordinate their e-pipe with their accessories such as watch bands or cuff-links or color-coordinate their e-liquids (e.g. gold for tobacco, silver for sweets, etc.) Your wardrobe as well as your vaping collection will surely get a fashionable update.

In Conclusion:

The E-Pipe 629X 2021 is the sleekest new model on the market offering the highest-quality vapes for affordable prices. The e-pipe is designed with the proper gentleman in mind and has the class and elegance of any traditional pipe and will satisfy the new and experienced vaper alike.

Please note! The Epipe stand is not included and shown for illustrative purposes only.



Arrived today, got it working no probs, what a remarkable piece of kit, refined quality through and through, just needs a bit of weight shaved of and more of a curve in the mouthpiece and narrower for ease of holding without using the hand, but all in all just over the moon ,time will test its durability, loving it.

Lovely piece of kit. I kissed nicotine goodbye a while ago and I only vape nic free juice, really because I miss the feel of it in my hand with a good book and coffee. Can’t see this device being topped, except if they could shave off some weight. Hopefully someday we get a smaller straight pipe version. All in all excellent

Got it 2 days ago as an addition to my collection after I have already bought the 629 x. Superb quality and style, 3 years without going back to regular smoking. Beautiful craftsmanship. The only problem I had is with the coils which came with it. They were all faulty and gave me a bad burnt taste. Lisa from customer support was very helpful and sent me a new package of coils yesterday. I hope they will be good

purchased the 629x epipe a few weeks ago, finding it an excellent product
experienced slight problem (of my making) customer support was very helpful, and quickly rectified it. very good company to work with.

I am now 2 months into using my Black 629x and despite early reservations that it was a battery type and not an internal battery with a USB port I have been pleasantly surprised , the vape is perfect for an ex smoker who uses mouth to lung technique its incredibly easy to refill and not as messy and fiddly with rubber seals etc as many of the others I have tried. the batteries with regular use one will last most of the day , I am expecting that to reduce as the batters age and am hoping that by the time I need new batteries the 1200 ones will be in the spares list not the 1100 that are there now , I accepted at the start of 2021 that the 1200 batteries were new for 2021 so spares stock would follow we are now into month 5 of 2021 and I am a little disappointed to see the 1200 batteries still not in the spares stock list. but assuming Epuffer get there act together regarding stock control this is proving to be the best pipe I have brought and I have tried at least a dozen other types.I am planning on buying a second bowl shortly just so I have a spare ,the coils seem to last several weeks at least and thats with regular use during the day and I mean regular I was a 20 cigs a day smoker. If your looking for an Epipe and are concerned this is 2 or 3 times the price of the others on the market . DONT be put off by the price, its well worth the extra cost in the reliability quality , the ease of use and refilling . and the fact its bowl is wood not wood effect .

Customer Service Reply: Thank you for your feedback. 1200 mAh batteries are in production and will become available for purchase in the Spares section soon.

You may want to add this to the review I have just written ....

FWIW. I have never been a pipe smoker so was glad I saw a tip by a YouTube epipe reviewer called Aussie - E - Piper who suggested that it is a good idea to use a rubber protective tip on the stem to stop teeth marks. The good news for UK Epuffers is that the only such tips that are offered by Amazon here and which have loads of bad reviews because they of their large size happen to fit the 629X perfectly. Search for "Smoking pipe bits" - they are specified to fit stems that are 15-17mm. Cheap as chips and loads in the packet.

I have been on tenterhooks waiting for my new ebony pipe to arrive because since I saw the wood was figured and not solid black I have been hoping that whoever turned the bowl would have aligned the grain with care. I needn't have worried because it is absolutely beautiful and was obviously made by a skilled craftsman.

It's far too early to comment on technical performance but I chose the 629X after an almost obsessive amount of research online and I am confident it will live up to my expectations and even the premium price will work out as good value in the long run.

Even my initial reservation due to the fact that it could not be tweaked in any way has disappeared and I can see the attraction of owning at least one device that can't conjure up thoughts such as 'it could be just a bit better if I did so and so' or 'I'm sure it was better when I put this or that coil in it' - in short, I am hoping to be content with it just as it is.
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