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You may have wondered how much healthier vaping is for you than smoking, but have you considered how much healthier it may be for the environment? Take a look at the following ways that cigarettes harm our planet and how vaping is a better alternative.

Do you love vaping? You aren’t alone. There are so many delicious flavours to choose from that vaping is always a treat. Well – almost always. If you’ve noticed that your favourite e-juice has started to taste strange or that you can’t taste it all, you may be experiencing a case of vaper’s tongue.

If you are considering giving vaping a try or have just started out in the world of vaping, then you likely have plenty of questions. Here are some of the ones we hear the most at ePuffer – and their answers.

If you have ever been confused about where you could and couldn’t vape, or about vaping etiquette in general, you aren’t alone. Not only are some of the rules around vaping a=somewhat ambiguous, but a lot of the information you do find is written by non-vapers who feel that it is their right to lecture vapers about how to vape.

If you are about to buy a vape online for the first time or you want to try a new device, you may be wondering whether a disposable e-cigarette or a rechargeable one is right for you. Both types offer their own unique advantages – let’s take a closer look at each.

Switching from smoking to vaping is a huge step in the right direction. If you would like to buy a vape online and see why so many people enjoy this activity, great – just be sure to steer clear of these three common mistakes made by many new users.

If you’re like most vapers, the chances are that you have multiple bottles of e-juice and that it will take you a while to use them all up. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best ways to ensure that your vape juice stays fresh and flavorful for as long as possible.

The difference between NicSalts and Freebase Nicotine

In case you aren’t familiar with nicotine salts, it is a type of nicotine that is absorbed by the body more readily and allows you to use a vape juice with a higher concentration of nicotine without the rough throat hit you might expect. Usually, the higher the nicotine level, the harsher the throat hit.

Are you looking for a better alternative to smoking?

The e-cigarette may be the perfect solution for you. Unlike your average vape mod, which can seem a little complicated to a newer user, e-cigs are extremely simple to use yet highly satisfying. These compact and stylish devices emulate the experience of smoking as closely as possible with...

The E-Pipe 629X is our most popular electronic pipe model.

As such, our customers have had a lot to say about what they like about it and what they would like to change. We listen to all customer feedback and make design choices based on what we think will please you the most. That’s why we are about to roll out a new non-jewel flat cap for this model.

If you are a fan of the ePuffer XPOD or have been wanting to give it a try, you’ll be pleased to know that ePuffer has announced six brand-new flavours of e-liquid for their popular vaping device. The six new flavours include Menthol, Double Mango, Double Apple, Lemon Fusion, Flue-Cured Tobacco, and Butterscotch Tobacco.

Disposable E-cigs with Nicotine

Utilizing disposable e-cigs (electronic cigarettes) with nicotine is quickly becoming the trendiest way to leave behind the cloud of smoke while still enjoying the satisfaction of relieving your cravings for a cigarette.


The New XPOD rechargeable vape pod provides satisfying taste,

Unbeatable convenience, and sleek, modern design – right at your fingertips. Its lightweight design and all-in-one operation make it ideal for bringing along with you anywhere you go in your pocket or purse. Here are some of the other benefits of choosing the XPOD...

How Our True Nicotine Formula Worked

How much nicotine is in my vape juice? And how much nicotine is too much? These are some of the most commonly asked questions as people switch from cigarettes to vaping.

The Ten lucky winners in our Vaping360 social media contest will each receive: One Titan X kit, Robusto E-Cigar and Five bottles of multi-flavors eliquid. Participate now and Win. Good Luck!
Smoking to Vaping Transitions Many of today’s smokers are making the transition to "vaping,” or inhaling flavoured vapour through an electronic cigarette or vape device. If you are a smoker, you may want to consider making the switch – vaping is one of the fastest growing trends worldwide, and no wonder! Vaping has many advantages...

Do e-cigarettes help smokers quit?
The RCP says: “Promoting wider use of consumer nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes, could therefore substantially increase the number of smokers who quit.”

ePuffer, a brand that’s well known in the US is creating quite a stir in UK as eCigarette users switch to a higher quality vaping experience.
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