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  • Celebrities Who've Battled with Smoking

     Feb 4, 2014    Celebrity Vaping Endorsments

    celebrities who've battled with smoking

    Smoking tobacco cigarettes is addictive and does cause harm to the health. It will come as no surprise than many celebrities have struggled with cigarette addiction, sometimes alongside other substances, especially when you consider the pressure of being constantly in the limelight might affect a person.

    hollywood stars vaping epuffer ecigarettesJennifer Aniston, loved by many for her long-term role in Friends amongst other more recent films has shared her struggles with smoking. When working with the Friends team she constantly chain-smoked however reports state that she kicked the habit in 2007 and has remained tobacco free.

    Catherine Zeta Jones was a long-term smoker too however concerns about causing harm to her children when pregnant encouraged her to give up, despite having smoked as a teenager.

    Matt Damon vowed to give up smoking after he saw a picture of himself with a cigarette in hand and realised just didn't want to continue with the habit anymore. He persevered through what is an addiction and has remain smoked free, even (it has been reported) convincing his friend Ben Affleck to give up the fags too.

    Drew Barrymore was another star who took up heavy smoking at a young age and continued smoking into adulthood. Drew reportedly struggled through dealing with a number of harmful addictions over a number of years however it appears she has been sober and cigarette free for some time now.

    Smoking is an addiction and harmful to health when you consider the number of chemicals and the tar included in each tobacco cigarette. Choosing the best electronic cigarettes instead of the most expensive tobacco products might have made all the difference to the struggles these stars had to work through, namely giving up smoking.

    E cigarettes are not designed as a smoking cessation device as such however they are definitely preferable from a health and addiction point of view for many. Indeed it seems that a number of celebs have decided that e cigarettes are indeed the better choice for them with big name such as Bruno Mars, Katherine Heigl and Stephen Dorff being spotted puffing away at their e liquid.