weight gain after quitting smoking

Weight related issues cost the NHS billions upon billions of pounds every year and yet they still firmly urge smokers to stop lighting up. Many people assume giving up smoking will instantly cause them to pile on weight however experts say this isn't necessarily true. If it were it is safe to assume that the NHS would be running weight loss clinics alongside their smoking cessation ones if for no other reason than to save money spent on obesity which could be well-used elsewhere.

There are several reasons people may put on weight after giving up smoking however all of them may be managed so everyone may feel great once more, having purged their system of the chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

I Need Something to Do With My Hands

Quite often after giving up tobacco cigarettes smokers feel the need to have something in their hands and of course snacking, i.e. mirroring the hand to mouth action so familiar will help you put a few pounds on if you aren't making the healthiest choices. If for a time the urge to snack post-quitting is strong ensure that you have healthy snacks, a fruit bowl full of healthy alternatives and consider having a water bottle with you at all times. Sipping water is much better all-round than smoking. The hand to mouth habit is actually one of the many reasons that ex-smokers move choose the buy e cigarettes online, enjoying the best electronic cigarettes without the health implications that come from traditional smoking methods.


My Metabolism has Slowed Down

There is actually some research to suggest that smoking tobacco cigarettes speeds up the metabolism somewhat, making it easier to burn calories. Giving up smoking will then mean that your metabolism will slow down a certain amount however experts state that this is only a temporary phenomenon. Making good food choices while your body sets itself right is most definitely the way forward and there is no reason why a change in metabolism like this would result in the dramatic weight gain many fear.

If of course you do succumb and over-eat some exercise would go a long way to burning it off and you may even enjoy it now you can breathe better.


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