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  • Smoking to Vaping Transitions

     Mar 8, 2017    Giving Up Smoking, News and Press

    smoking vs vaping

    Smoking to Vaping Transitions

    Many of today’s smokers are making the transition to "vaping,” or inhaling flavoured vapour through an electronic cigarette or vape device. If you are a smoker, you may want to consider making the switch – vaping is one of the fastest growing trends worldwide, and no wonder! Vaping has many advantages over conventional cigarettes, including:


    After the initial investment in a vape device, you’ll notice substantial savings. On average, vaping costs as much as 50% less than smoking tobacco.

    Smokeless and Odorless

    Vaping involves heating liquid to create vapour, which doesn’t require combustion. Therefore, vaping is smokeless. Imagine being able to satisfy your nicotine cravings without the problems that smoking creates. There is no second-hand smoke to endanger family members or co-workers and no lingering smoke smell on your breath or your clothing. Your home won’t smell like stale smoke, since vaping doesn’t leave residue on furniture, curtains, carpets or walls and ceilings. Your car upholstery will remain pristine. And, because no lighters, matches or burning cigarette butts are involved, there is virtually no danger of causing an accidental fire. (Smoking is one of the major causes of home fires.)


    Commercial tobacco can contain hundreds, if not thousands, of chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens. E-liquids usually consist of two to six ingredients: water, nicotine, propylene glycol and food-grade flavourings. Many contain no nicotine.

    Nicotine Control

    The e-liquid or e-juice that’s used for vaping is available in nicotine-free flavours and in versions that contain varying degrees of nicotine concentration. If your ultimate goal is to decrease your dependency on nicotine, you will be easily able to monitor your intake by selecting the appropriate concentration.


    Cigarettes are, well, tobacco flavoured. You might change it up from Virginia tobacco to English tobacco to menthol blends, but really, cigarettes are available in one flavour. It’s estimated that the flavours of e-liquid number is well over 7,000! You can choose from sweet cantaloupe daiquiri, root beer, cinnamon heart, Chai tea, lemon meringue pie, caramel mocha latte, butter popcorn and thousands more flavours. Herbal compounds that use ingredients such as lavender, vanilla and fennel are also popular. Of course, there are also many tobacco-flavoured e-liquids too.

    Choosing a Vape Device

    Switching from smoking to vaping can feel very natural, since many electronic cigarettes are manufactured to resemble conventional cigarettes. Most smokers begin vaping by trying minis, the lightweight e-cigarette that is the same size and shape as a tobacco cigarette. The mini is available in both disposable and rechargeable models, and consists of a battery and a "cartomizer,” or cartridge and atomizer. The battery is powered when the vaper draws on the mouthpiece. It heats the cartomizer, which vaporizes the e-liquid, which the vaper inhales.

    The rituals of vaping resemble the rituals of smoking in numerous ways. Rechargeable minis can be charged in a case that looks just like an ordinary cigarette pack, for example. Minis look so much like actual cigarettes that they’re often mistaken for tobacco. And, of course, vapers are getting nicotine by inhaling, just as smokers do.

    At first, the sensation can feel unfamiliar, but, for most smokers, the transition from smoking to vaping is natural and easy.  Visit an online store and explore your options today!



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