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  • Managing Sweet Cravings after Ditching the Tobacco Cigarettes

     Aug 12, 2015    Giving Up Smoking

    sweet cravings after quitting smoking

    Giving up on the tobacco cigarettes is a great idea for so many reasons. Your doctor will be able to give a long list of them for example. Unfortunately after giving up many people report quite strong cravings which sometimes send them back to the cigarettes. A common craving is for sweet tasting foods and snacks.

    There's nothing wrong with enjoying the odd 50p mix from the corner shop or a sweet treat now and then however if you are struggling with intense sweet cravings which have you ingesting a high level of fat and sugar you will put weight on and the health benefits of giving up smoking may in a way be replaced with poor health caused by a poor diet. Fortunately there are options to help keep you on the straight and narrow without necessarily having to give up on your sweet treats.

    Firstly, if you are one who snacks after giving up smoking and has a keen sweet tooth then look at healthier sweet foods which tick the box without costing you thousands of calories. Jellies, fruits, low calorie sweet treats often hit the spot and if you fill your main meal plates with high energy foods which are slow to breakdown, i.e. low GI foods you might find that this slow release of energy helps keep you feeling full, satisfied and away from the sweet treats for longer.

    Another alternative which many find appealing is to choose a top e cigarette over a tobacco one. Buying e cigarettes online couldn't be easier and the way that these work is for you to fill the chamber with a flavoured e liquid which is warmed by a battery and the vapour is then inhaled. There are high nicotine cigarettes, low or no nicotine cigarettes and a range of e liquids available which enable e smokers to tailor their smoking experience.

    A no nicotine e liquid in flavours such as caramel, cola, bubble gum, chocolate, and any number of sweet, fruity, tobacco or even drink flavours are available so there is bound to be a non-tobacco e cigarette alternative for those who want to quit and yet need that sweet hit.