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  • Fashionable and Famous Faces Sporting a Pipe

     Apr 8, 2015    Celebrity Vaping Endorsments

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    If you hear the term “smoking a pipe" what is the first image that pops into your head? Is it Grandad in his tweed slippers enjoying a good smoke in front of the fire with his Sunday newspapers?

    As it happens a number of recognisable faces have been spotted sporting a pipe over the past hundred years or so as they've enjoyed a smoke in their leisure time. We have to wonder what these famous smokers would have thought of the e cigarette revolution? Obviously such important figures would choose the very best electronic cigarette and with such a wide range of e liquids available we are sure they could find something suit their unique taste buds.

    Charles Darwin often puffed away on a pipe while pondering over a number of biological processes, including his revelation that actually, we all evolved from apes. Darwin died in 1882 at the ripe old age of 73 and his contributions to scientific theory remain current today. Good man!

    Sigmund Freud, the world renowned psychiatrist was often spotted toting his favourite smoke. Indeed, a quick Wikipedia search for the great man himself will show his profile picture as one with a cigar in hand.

    Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria was yet another powerful figure who enjoyed a smoke. We fancy it is what helped her manage the heartbreak she suffered when her beloved Prince Albert died and the pressures of ruling England for an astonishing sixty four years.

    More current public figures that have been photographed enjoying a puff include Ian Botham, Stephen Fry, Hugh Hefner and so many more. We fancy Hugh Hefner would enjoy one of the fruitier e liquids and that Sigmund Freud would find tobacco flavoured nicotine free or low nicotine e liquids ironic and perhaps choose something more like a liquorice high nicotine e cigarette for himself. As for Queen Victoria we imagine she would choose something deep and luxurious such as a whisky flavour or perhaps a caramel.

    Thankfully whether you have a claim to fame or not there are a number of flavours and strengths available so those who decide to move over from traditional smokes to e cigarettes will have plenty to choose from.