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ePuffer Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 609 ) Hybrid e-Pipe

The world’s first hybrid electronic pipe combining our award-winning MAGNUM cartomizer and Tank Liquamizer technologies.

The new ePuffer Electronic Pipe 609 offers flexibility for vapers to use prefilled cartomizers, or an optional easy to fill E-Pipe 609 Disposable Liquamizer. Another interesting point about epipe 609 is cartomizers are cross compatible with our E-Cigar 650 model.

E-Pipe 609 Starter Kit Content

  • Electronic Pipe 609 Solid Wood Bowl
  • 2 18350 900mAh rechargeable battery
  • 3 Premium Tobacco Cartomizers ( up-to 400 puffs )
  • Universal 110/240V Battery Charger
  • Extra Mouthpiece Stem
  • Modern Giftbox
  • User's Guide

What’s ePuffer Electronic Pipe?

ePuffer Electronic Pipe performs similarly to traditional smoking. It looks, feels and tastes like tobacco pipe, and delivers all the pleasures of smoking, without all the problems. The secret to what makes the Electronic Pipe better than traditional smoking is what is inside this revolutionary new product.

The non-flammable Electronic Pipe is driven by modern microelectronic technology, a small rechargeable battery and a unique, safe replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates a tobacco flavor and a membrane to suspend the ingredients. When using the Electronic Pipe, the act of inhaling or smoking it produces the tactile and craving satisfactions traditional smokers seek, and triggers a vaporizing process that releases a simulated smoke that is actually a vapour mist that evaporates into the air within a few seconds.

Each ePipe 609 Atomized Cartridge is equivalent of 30 regular tobacco cigarettes.



I’ve been using e-cigarettes for years but received this as a birthday present and I absolutely love it. I now use this constantly. The quality and feel of the pipe is way better than I was expecting and amazingly on my first vaping trip outside with it I had about half a dozen people come up to me saying “I didn’t know you smoked a pipe”, that says a lot for how good this is. They were equally amazed once I showed them it was a vape.

A couple of very small areas for improvement, it would be good if both the mouthpiece and the battery cover could maybe click into place as they can come loose and the battery cover button sometimes sticks on, luckily I’ve noticed each time but not sure what would happen if I didn’t notice and it stayed on. Other than that this is my favourite vape ever.

I had been searching for a quality e-pipe for some time after trying a number of the basic units out there. I have broken my experiences of the 609 kit I have been using for the past month into pros and cons.
Pros: spare mouthpiece, feels substantial in my hand, attractive finish, two interchangeable (replaceable) batteries, tank option, nice mouthpiece, fast response to orders (UK-NZ).
Cons: the locking mechanism isn't aligned and the mouthpiece is 10deg clockwise from square (with or without tank option), the only option with the kit are the tobacco cartomizers, which are so-so and not my flavour, the power button is flimsy and often when using it rotate to an unconnected point, the price is comparatively high for the quality of button and bezel fitting.
Overall: the best pipe I have found to date, but the faults were a little disappointing for such a premium product.

FINALLY! As a pipe smoker of "well over" 30 years, I've had difficulty kicking the whole experience and going over to general vaping. The tactile and drawing action of mods and pens just hasn't been able to replace the satisfaction of the pipe smoking experience. After man months of research and trial and error I've found the E puffer 609 to be the nearest and most satisfying "smoke" to the real thing. Real wooden bowl, nice balance fully loaded and a great feel in hand with a lovely relaxing draw. If I try to br objective I would say the bowl button feels little flimsy and the size and weight a little heavy but this is subjective as I smoked a small pipe and I've got used to it very quickly.
5 STARS and would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to make the transition.

As a head's up for the company, I received an email unrelated to my first 4 star review with the replacement parts mentioned in that review. In a world of changing values, that suggests to me that the company not only listens, but cares. Thank you..and without wishing to sound obsequious, I think we're well on the way to a re-evaluated five star plus rating.

I've had quite a few epipes and this one is the best so far, the bowl is beautifully crafted, it's well balanced and the metal-work is well engineered. However, there are a few issues which if attended to, would make it a five star product. Namely: The tank is hard going and suffers from the lack of a decent draw, it could also do with a renewable coil rather than having to replace the entire tank when required. Profitability could be maintained with the sale of coil packs. The innovative top mounted on/off button springs out of the bowl even when you have ensured that it's been securely twisted and locked into place, this happens a little too frequently.
As a retired design draftsman in the aircraft industry with a few credits to my name, I'm working on the assumption that on my particular pipe, the manufacturing tolerances are out of spec. With those 3 issues resolved, I might be tempted to go overboard and rate the 609 with a five star plus.

Thanks for producing a great product - best vapourizer I have come across and the closest experience to the real thing (by a mile).

This is a brilliant product.... very clever and smokes well.
The charger is a bit flimsy but otherwise great

What a brilliant pipe kit.
I have been vaping for 3 years exclusively, and this is my first pipe kit. I did a lot of research, and decided on the 609 because it looked right, it had all the right dimensions, and from videos i had seen, it was very easy to use. I also am into controlling my vape, and this has a manual button, which makes it my preferred choice over it's bigger brother.

You get almost everything you need in the kit. I am in Australia, and even the charger is worldwide voltage (i could take it to the US with me on a holiday for example). It's so complete, 2 x 18350 batteries, tobacco cartridges to get you going, 2 mouthpieces and the body. My only disappointment is, that for that money, i feel the stand should have been included (as does anyone else I have spoken to about this product). All i needed to do was plug the charger in a US to AU adapter plug, very cheap and easy to buy, and it worked perfectly.

This is the pipe to get if you want throat hit, and a vape that resembles an actual pipe rather than silly room filling sub ohm clouds. The vapour is not only plentiful but it actually resembles what a real life pipe would give. It's extremely easy to remove the batteries and charge them, and by having two, you literally always have a backup charged. Awesome.

The weight is not quite there to leave it dangling in your mouth without your hand, but it really is very lightweight for what it is. The optional liquamizers add a touch of class and hold extra juice as well as being able to monitor your levels at all time, and i highly recommend them.

Basically my only suggestions for epuffer are to possible add a micro usb pass through for charging on the bottom of the pipe, and include the wooden stand.

I also do NOT like the included premium tobacco flavour, so i would like an option to have blank carts shipped in place of the pre filled ones, as part of the kit. The carts still cost epuffer the same to make if not more to fill, so why not have the option?

Stunning, Authentic looks
Ultra easy to use battery removal, cart insertion/removal, liquamizer and mouthpiece system
Manual huge button for control of vape, placed in the perfect ergonomic spot
Very complete kit with worldwide voltage compatibility
Very well packed
Fantastic vapour, especially with liquamizer.
Fantastic throat hit
Just a pleasure to use and relax with

stand should be included
Micro usb charging should be considered for future revisions
an adapter plug for destination country should be included
Should be a choice of flavour or blanks to come with kit, rather than the forced premium tobacco

Overall 9/10, and highly recommended.

I own both this 609 and the 629 and think it would be helpful for potential buyers to compare the two as well as point out specific benefits and drawbacks for the two models.

I smoked a tobacco pipe for a long time and made the switch to vaping this year. I now now prefer vaping to smoking and that can be attributed to the quality of the vaping experience you get from the 609. This was my first vape pipe.

Friends of mine who have tried to switch to vaping from cigarettes have commented that they find it difficult because the tactile experience of rolling tobacco and the 'feel' of the cigarette in the mouth cannot be duplicated by a vaping device. I don't know how true this is having never smoked cigarettes, but what I can say is that the tactile experience of vaping with the 609 is very close indeed to smoking a 'real' pipe. The feel of the pipe in the hand, the weight, the draw, are all very close indeed to smoking a real pipe. Then it all comes down to finding an e-liquid which your prefer. This latter is, perhaps, more difficult than replicating a genuine smoking feel with a vaping pipe.

Drawbacks. I didn't like the flavour of using cartridges in the 609 and so exclusively opted for the optional liquimiser. The liquimisers are very easy to use but they have two significant drawbacks which I think potential buyers need to be aware of if you think that you'll use these more frequently than the cartridges. Firstly, they can be awkward with fit into the pipe and require fiddling to get a good fit so that the draw is good. They are also quite sensitive to being stored in the pipe whilst it is being carried (for instance in a jacket pocket) and I have broken a few. Secondly, they are quite costly at 12.95 each and even buying in packs of five which reduces the cost to 7.95 each, I find that I get through quite a lot with even my standard amount of vaping. Because they are disposable, you cannot replace the coli, so basically you have to throw the liquimiser out once it is spent. If you are looking to reduce spend on vaping as opposed to smoking, you should consider this as the cost of a supply of disposable liquimisers and liquids combined can easily cost as much as buying pipe tobacco.

The other factor to consider is that the 609 is a manual firing pipe. I actually quite like this feature because firing the pipe by pressing down on the bowl cap (where the battery sits) is a familiar action to lighting a real pipe. However, you should be aware that the firing mechanism being built into the battery mechanism and bowl is quite sensitive and I broke one mechanism within about two months. Be sure to use batteries which do not place strain on the bowl and cap to avoid this. Without this mechanism, the pipe is useless!

I reckon this has got to be, on balance, the best e-pipe on the market (I bought it a few days ago). I've smoked a traditional pipe for well over 30 years, and have tried several e-pipes in an effort to give up smoking. I've found that they all, without exception, have basic flaws: they're either too heavy (because of the weight of the battery in the bowl) or they're too long. If you combine that relatively long length coupled with the weight of the bowl and battery, you have a strong 'cantilever' action that, if you hold the e-pipe between the teeth only - that is to say without using a hand at the bowl - you're liable to loosen a tooth! But the length of the 609 overcomes this problem: it's shorter than most e-pipes - no doubt because of the cleverly designed, shorter, tank - measuring just 13.5cm from the centre of the bowl to the mouthpiece when using a cartridge, and just 1.5cm longer (so around 15cm) when using the tank (as I prefer). So far closer to the average length of the traditional pipe. The weight of 125g is less than other e-pipes I've owned, though a little heavier than a traditional pipe fully loaded with tobacco. And I'm only guessing here, but I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for needing to touch the top of the bowl to start to 'smoke' - for that's what it feels like: smoking! - is because the action of the hand at the bowl definitely makes the 609 feel lighter than it would do otherwise. But all-in-all, THE BEST E-PIPE ON THE MARKET, ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WANTING TO REDUCE OR GIVE UP THE TRADITIONAL PIPE SMOKING! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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