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  • Electronic Pipe 629 X epipe vapouriser

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    EPUFFER Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 629 X - Rev 5 ) Limited Edition - New 2019 Model


    This isn’t news that any of us at ePuffer wanted to share, but unfortunately, we’ve had to delay the launch of our new ePipe 629X 2019 model, until the end of March 2019.

    At ePuffer we take pride in delivering top quality products to our customers, therefore we are working on resolving unexpected regulatory and technical issues.

    We apologize for this delay and we will surely keep you up to date with any news. Hang on to your excitement, as this launch will definitely be worth the wait!

    epuffer epipe 629x new tank structure
    Already famed globally for electronic cigarettes and vaporiser technology, ePuffer have now launched a new electronic pipe that promises to taste as good as it looks.

    ePuffer has updated the already popular E-Pipe 629 for the fourth time in order to provide the vape enthusiast with a more intense flavour with even more vapour. Our newest tank is a micro sub-ohm 1.0Ω resistance design and our starter kit comes with even more customizable options. The E-Pipe 629X is a luxury item for the everyday consumer that offers the highest quality vape. Read on to see what this limited-edition vape has to offer.

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    The New E-Pipe 629X is now available for Sale!
    If you are looking for an e-pipe, then this new model is the one for you!


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    E-Liquid Nicotine Content - ( Per Unit Translation )

    • 1.0mg - ( 2.0% per bottle )
    • 0.6mg - ( 1.2% per bottle )
    • 0mg - ( 0% per bottle )

    E-Pipe 629X Specifications-Starter Kits and Compatible Components

    The E-Pipe 629X is projected to be an international best-seller because it is one of, if not the, best of its kind among its competition. This e-pipe comes with a graceful, cherrywood bowl made with an automatic airflow sensor and a stylish black stem mouthpiece. These pieces will come in every starter kit:

    ● High-grade Nitecore New i2 Dual Slot Universal Battery Charger built with a fuse to avoid short-circuiting--comes with a one-year warranty

    ● 2 rechargeable high-drain IMR-1100mAh 18350 lithium batteries.

    ● 5 spare atomizers made of U.S Kanthal coil wire and Japanese Organic Cotton wick. It has a ceramic base and a coil resistance of 1.0 ±0.1 Ωohms

    ● 2 liquimizers - New TPD Ready 2ML liquamizers are made from tempered quartz glass that resist temperatures up to 2200°F and have a 510 connection thread.

    All of the above pieces come stylishly enclosed in a mahogany finish MDF wooden box which is ideal for giving as a gift or as an elegant way to store spare parts. You can also choose to purchase a pipe stand made of pear wood that is conveniently foldable.


    Electronic Pipe 629X epipe Kit



    E-Pipe 629 X Limited Edition Starter Kit Content

    Electronic Pipe 629 Real Solid Wood Bowl
    2pcs. - High Drain IMR-1100mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
    2 Liquamizers TPD Ready 2ML ( Glass Tank ) Silver and Gold Trim
    2 Bowl Caps with Clear Zirconia Crystal. Silver and Gold Trim
    5pcs. Micro Sub-Ohm Atomizers ( Heating Coils )
    Spare Mouthpiece Stem
    Universal Nitecore New i2 Dual Slot Rapid Battery Charger 110/240V
    Wooden Giftbox
    Instruction Manual





    • Protected Direct Airflow system
    • Zirconia Crystal LED Cap ( Black Crystal Sold Separately )
    • Liquamizer ( Clearomizer ) Tank technology with replaceable micro sub-ohm heating coils
    • Delivers great vapour production, rich flavour and smooth draw.


    629X Updates and Revisions for a Better E-Pipe

    Not only do we have the consumer in mind, but with each new revision, we strive to accommodate every aspect of the vaping experience. We have made the R4 limited edition even better by including a micro sub-ohm atomizer with lower resistance than ever before for even more pleasure with every puff. Our customers asked for more vapour, and we gave it to them! This is, however, not a box mod and won’t produce the kind of clouds that will have your neighbours staring. We cater to the advanced vaper/smoker who craves an intense flavour but would rather distance him/herself from the trendy cloud-chasing games which are so popular among the younger generations.

    In this revision, we have also included both the gold and silver trim options in one starter kit. While previously, users had to choose between silver and gold, there is one of each included right in the starter kit so that vapers can coordinate their e-pipe with their accessories such as watch bands or cuff-links or color-coordinate their e-liquids (e.g. gold for tobacco, silver for sweets, etc.) Your wardrobe as well as your vaping collection will surely get a fashionable update.

    In Conclusion:

    The E-Pipe 629X is the sleekest new model on the market offering the highest-quality vapes for affordable prices. The e-pipe is designed with the proper gentleman in mind and has the class and elegance of any traditional pipe and will satisfy the new and experienced vaper alike.

    The pipe stopped working after using it for a day or so, but the support at e-puffer sent me a new one, not too many questions asked. This pipe is a wonderful piece of technology, which feels somewhat like an actual pipe, might be a little too heavy, but definitely deserves five stars for just being pure awesome!

    Bought this for a birthday present for my partner who has been a pipe smoker for over 50 years. Having tried and failed to give up several times we thought this would be a more healthy option. After an initial problem with the charger (which was replaced quickly and without quibble) he has settled into smoking it and thinks its great. No buttons to press - he feels its the nearest thing to a real pipe he could get. The liquid smells much better than tobacco smoke! Well worth the money.

    I purchased This pipe (ePipe 629) on a Friday, ticked the free delivery option... Saturday i was out and when i got home, it was to find a something for you note posted... That was quick!
    The Pipe/kit is awesome, takes some getting used to after using the normal kind of vapes, but I am really enjoying this.
    Thank you Epuffer, I will be coming back again for sure.

    First note: Great service. Pipe arrived with damaged liquimizer, then developed issue with pressure sensor, and replacement was fast.

    As a pipe smoker switching to vape, I wanted something as close as possible to the feel of real. This isn't a perfect match to a real pipe but close enough that I haven't smoked but twice in two weeks, and only when caught without a fresh battery. I wish it could be shorter and lighter, but it is just light enough to be almost-comfortable hands-free while typing this review. I bought the more expensive 629 because another reviewer said it was lighter than the 605. I didn't buy it for looks, but I have gotten several compliments.

    It seems the cost of vaping will be comparable to smoking at my rate of consumption: About one 30ml bottle per week plus at least one atomizer, compared to a $20 pouch every 2 weeks..The sample liquid is not bad, more to my taste than the fruity stuff, but gives my wife a head-ache. Vaping something that smells like a scented candle ensures domestic harmony.

    The batteries run down quick, but the spare charges about as fast as the active one drains, so be fastidious about charging and you won't run out.

    Alignment's important. When I screw the liquimizer to the shank, it barely draws, but if I then rotate slowly back out, I'll find the spot where the vents line up and it draws smoothly. The vent holes are on the bottom of the shank where I'm apt to cover them with my fingers by accident. Wish it vented from the top of the bowl. At the point where the liquimizer connects to the shank, wipe it down often for better draw. It also seems to me that the draw is best when the tank's only about a third full.

    Overall, I'm quite pleased. The important thing is that it's close enough to my old pipes that I don't miss smoking too much.

    Update on my previous review - having had the pipe now for approximately 3 months, my partner has reduced the strength of e-liquid and, when we added up how much we had spent on liquid and replacement parts, it showed he was only spending about half what he paid weekly for tobacco when he had the 'real' pipes. Excellent - deserves its five stars.

    Have used my 629 pipe now for over a week and I am very pleased with it. There was a problem with the charger not working but it was resolved within days. After sales services very good.

    Love the awesome 629!

    As you sit there wondering if this pipe is really worth the price consider this. I had one of those cheap imitations from China that I've struggled with for over a year. Inconsistent and unreliable, it tried my patience. Now I can relax and enjoy a pipe the way it was meant to be. A combination of quality and elegance, not to mention the performance is wonderful! I haven't put it down for three days and what a conversation piece. Go ahead, spoil yourself - you deserve this pipe!

    I just had to let you know, that I finally received my new E-Pipe 629 and must let you know that this version of the pipe is the greatest. I had to wait a long time for the new version, but it was well worth the wait.

    As close to the real thing (maybe better)as I can imagine. I am using 50/50 mix of Havana and Cherry eliquid which is so like a special blend of tobacco I used to have made.
    Thanks for your excellent service.


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