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    nitecore NFF01 magnetic liquid mixer

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    Nitecore Magnetic Liquid Mixer NFF01

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    Nitecore Magnetic Liquid Mixer NFF01 - NEW

    The Nitecore magnetic mixer or magnetic stirrer with temperature control is a home laboratory device that employs a rotating magnetic field to cause a stir bar immersed in a liquid to spin very quickly, thus stirring it.


    Temperature Protection Function

    NFF01 has temperature protection function, when the whole temperature of the operating panel is over 70℃ , NFF01 will cease heating until the temperature has been
    decreased. NFF01 can not provide heating only without stirring. If users adjust the R.P.M. to 0 in any mixing mode, NFF01 will cease both of stirring and heating. In this time, stirring temperature is not allow to be set.


    • Intelligent magnetic liquid mixer
    • Maximum speed of up to 1200 R.P.M.(Revolutions Per Minute)
    • Temperature controlled within 70℃ ±5
    • Utilizes high-graded ceramic heating unit
    • The heating panel is made from SS302 stainless steel
    • 2 modes selectable and 3 working periods programmable
    • Intelligent memory function
    • Anti-leakage design prevents accidental liquid spill
    • Integrated digital temperature control function
    • Housing made from fire retardant PC materials
    • Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC


    Input: DC 12V 3A MAX (a power adapter included)
    Motor: 70-1200 R.P.M. (displayed on the screen)
    Motor output: 3W
    Heat output: 30W
    Heating temperature: 70℃ MAX
    Temperature control: Digital temperature control
    Control precision: 5℃ /10 ℉
    Heat source: Ceramic
    Panel material: SS304 stainless steel
    Mixing capacity: 30-1000ML (30-200ML recommended)
    Operating duration: SMM default mode: continuous
    PMM programmed mode: 14 days (maximum duration)

    Size: 161mm×144.7mm×53mm (6.34” ×5.7” ×2.09”)

    Weight: 486.1g (17.15oz)


    Power adapter, 2×stir bars, a magnetic rod (used for taking out the stir bar)


    Brilliant discovery Leo! I have been looking for electronic wine decanter for a while now and you are absolutely right, similar technology devices are sold around £400.

    Fantastic device for mixing eliquid. I also use this device as electronic Wine Decanter / Aerator. Way cheaper solution than similar device available from Breville. This is my life hack discovery. Enjoy! )

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