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The Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 629X 2021 ) Spare Solid Wood Bowl


  • Color: Cherry Wood
  • Removable 18350 Lithium ( Battery not included )
  • Zirconia Crystal Cap ( choice of gold or silver trim ) included.


Compatible epipe tanks: 629X 2021 | 2019 | X | R3

Compatible epipe Caps: 629X 2019 and newer


Not wood to start with, probably some kind of resin inside and out. When it works, it's as good, just, as a real pipe. However, should you drop this bowl, it will immediately stop working. There is no way of repairing this thing, you just have to bin it, and fork out for yet another bowl.
May I suggest some changes?
1: take it of the 'critically endangered' list, by making the electronics capable of use after a drop. It's disheartening to constantly forking out for new bowls at £60 at a time. It makes the Ad, some what fraudulent.
2: make the body out of varnished wood, not hard resin. And don't insult my intelligence by saying it IS wood. I have a bowl that's split open. Wood, is wayyyyy lighter, so easier to hold in the teeth. This Behemoth, weighs what feels like a house brick!
3: as this bowl is so so fragile, make the replacement bowls a lot cheaper to buy!
I have more critiques, but that's enough for today.

Customer Service Reply: Thank you for your feedback. This bowl is made of rosewood protected by a layer of resin, and while we try to make the Pipe as authentic as possible, electronic components inevitably add some weight. Due to the mouthpiece material, the weight of a battery, and of a bowl itself, the Pipe should be supported with a hand and never held only with teeth. It contains sensitive electronics and should be used and stored with care. Dropping, drowning, exposure to excessive moist, heat, direct sunlight are among factors potentially harmful to its parts and components that can damage a device or significantly affect its lifetime. A protective pouch is available for safer and easier storing https://epuffer.co.uk/epipe-travel-leather-pouch-bag.html

If you have comments or questions regarding your Pipe warranty coverage, please contact us at contact us at 0207 490 5064 | Mon-Fri 10:00AM - 6:00PM GMT or visit https://epuffer.co.uk/contact.html

The pipe is great but a bit misleading, I’ve had two bowls now, because I’m clumsy and keep dropping them but in doing so I can tell you they are not solid wood at all but some kind of resin which cracks and chips. Not a problem mind you but something to be aware of. Don’t drop it!

Reply from ePuffer Customer Support:

Dear Duncan, your feedback means great value to us. The epipe bowl is made of real solid wood and protected by a layer of resin coating. It is best not to drop the unit.

Receptor in bowl is soon loosened resulting in the wiring becoming disconnected. This is the second bowl I've had to replace in only two months.
Sadly, when working properly it is an excellent pipe.

Reply from ePuffer Customer Support:

Dear Graham, thanks for your feedback it has been forwarded to our R&D team.

I've adjusted my rating from 5 to 3 stars after much use, unfortunately.
These are still top of the line (nothing else better on the market). But, there’s still a lot to be desired.
I'm now currently on my 3rd replacement bowl. The two biggest issues are as follows:
(1) the female receptor screw unit embedded in the bowl becomes easily detached…which leads to my second point;
(2) once this happens, the wiring is flimsy and it doesn’t take much after that for the unit to stop working altogether, hence my requirement to purchase so many replacement units. After a few weeks, I usually need to use plumbers tape to keep things in place.
THAT BEING SAID, nothing is perfect and, as mentioned before, these are still the best on the market.
I’ve also just placed an order today for the 2021 PIANO GLOSSY EBONY WOOD BOWL. Hopefully any prior issues are addressed with this latest version.
I have some additional suggestions for the product development team to improve future versions, but this isn’t the forum.

Reply from ePuffer Customer Service:

Dear Robert,
Thanks for your feedback. The new 2021 pipe bowls are updated, we are now using a different metal to wood glue and this solved the issue you have mentioned. If your bowls are still under a warranty period, please contact our customer support and ask for a free replacement. Feel free to send your suggestions via our Help Disk by visiting a Contact US page.

My husband loves his pipe. The quality is excellent, I have purchased the new bowl for him as a stand by so that he always has one to go to if there is a problem with the one he is using. I would recommend this to any pipe smoker; it is healthier for them and anyone around them as there is no damaging smoke to inhale.

Loved my kit so much I purchased a second bowl.
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