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Electronic Cigars - The Future of Smoking

Cigars don’t need any introduction. They have been around for more than a century and have already been a part of most people’s culture and history. These strategically-rolled fermented tobacco leaves have captured the interest of people from all walks of life - from the common workers to heads of various countries, cigar smoking was regarded not only as a pastime but also as a symbol of responsibility, freedom, and stature. In some cultures, cigar smoking is even viewed as a social activity. Truly, cigars have become both symbolic and therapeutic for different reasons.

However, all these benefits come at a price. Despite the blissful experience of smoking a cigar, it can also be harmful to one’s health and well-being. Recent studies have shown that smoking more than a few sticks per day impacts the health in a negative way. A number of research has also been made identifying and discussing the adverse effects of smoking to individuals. These effect, however, are not only limited to smokers - secondhand smoke has been proven lethal to people who are exposed to it. Such exposes your family, friends, and love ones to constant danger. Because of this, many smokers have tried limiting, or even totally quitting lighting a cigar altogether, but many fail.

Fortunately, through advances in research and technology, there is now a safer and more convenient way of enjoying cigars: introducing, e-Cigars from Epuffer.

If you are struggling to quit your smoking or are looking for a healthier alternative, e-Cigars are the way to go. In the United Kingdom alone, it is expected that smoking using e-Cigars or simply, “vaping” will overtake traditional smoking in the next three decades.

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E-Cigar FAQ's

  • e-Cigars are the future of the traditional and classic cigars. Traditional rolled tobacco cigars and e-Cigars are almost identical, except for the fact that e-Cigars are battery-powered while the other is obviously not. It uses vaporizers that simulate the feeling of smoking without utilizing tobacco.  e-Cigars combine the classic form of the cigar we all recognize and the impressive modernization brought by vaporization technology. e-Cigars provide the same smoking experience of lighting your favorite brand of cigar without all the adverse and unwanted effects of tar, nicotine, and smoke. It’s truly a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to smoking.

    Instead of burning tobacco, ECigars use a liquid “juice” that turns to vapor. The result is a cloud of odorless vapor that you, in turn, inhale just as you would a regular cigar. There are hundreds of different flavored juices that you can try - from the strongest to the most exotic. Some E-cigar users also mix different juices on their own to add a personal touch to their smoking.

  • The E-Cigar in itself will not compare to the rich flavor of real tobacco. Nevertheless, do not let this keep you from trying it - e-Cigars are a completely different story. Imagine being able to take in the same amount of productivity-inducing nicotine without the harsh and deadly chemicals that come from lighting and smoking tobacco - wouldn’t it be a dream? Also, e-Cigars are made to look exactly like their original counterparts. You cannot even tell the difference when seen from afar

    In addition, e-Cigars are extremely handy and convenient. You can take them anywhere and use them in areas that where smoking is otherwise prohibited. Since e-Cigars also do not emit any kind of smoke from burning, making it a lot safer for those around you too.

  • Using an E-cigar is as simple as taking a puff from your cigar. The main part of the e-cigar is the atomizer inside it: this simple yet clever device detects air as it passes through the e-cigar and heats the juice inside just enough to create a vapor, which you then inhale or puff, much like smoking a real cigar. Users often have fun tweaking the atomizer settings to have it create more vapor. The result is a very fancy cloud of vapor with every puff, which you can play around with. The battery that powers the whole e-cigar mechanism is often made from lithium-ion. It is rechargeable and can be replaced with a higher capacity one, in case you would ever need one. Power users often keep a spare battery for use in between charges. Depending on the capacity and use, a battery can last for a day or up to a week.

    In common e-cigar kits, you have the option of tweaking the nicotine output from low to very high. This is especially useful for users who have are having difficulties in quitting smoking - it presents a better solution since nicotine levels can be gradually decreased.

  • Aside from being relatively safer than traditional, rolled cigars, e-Cigars do not emit any smoke. Thus, public places where smoking is not allowed are no longer your concern (though it is still best to check with local authorities). The vapor created by the E-cigar does not have any smell that will stick to your clothing nor leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The ability to mix and match different flavors of juice adds much to the excitement and joy of using an E-Cigar. The ability to control the nicotine content in e-Cigars is also noteworthy.

    Also, traditional cigars cost a lot! Authentic cigar’s can cost you more than a couple of dollars. The e-cigar, however, uses juice or e-liquid, which is relatively cheaper. The savings you get from using e-Cigars versus the traditional one can definitely be considered significant.

    e-Cigars are also convenient. You can bring them anywhere. Sleeping over at a non-smoker’s house? No problem - the vapor does not have any strong smell that can cling to clothing or furniture.

  • Unlike regular “vape” devices, disposable e-Cigars are, as its name suggests, thrown away after every use since they do not have a rechargeable battery. They are much cheaper than regular e-Cigars for this reason.

  • Safety is almost never an issue with our e-Cigars. Compared to traditional rolled cigars, there is tobacco being lighted and burned when it is in use. Since there is no actual ‘lighting’, there is no risk of accidental skin burns or, in extreme cases, fire. No ashes and second-hand smoke is present as well. Our e-Cigars are made with high-quality materials made under strict manufacturing standards to guarantee its quality and safety. We follow strict standards with our e-Cigars so that we would not have to compromise quality. We source all our products from reliable partner suppliers that share the same values of safety and standards as ours.

    The atomizer and overall mechanism of our e-Cigars have been tested multiple times and has been proven safe by many authorized specialists. There were not a single report of any fatal failure or accident while using our e-Cigars - as long as you follow proper use as indicated on the manual. Do not settle for low-quality and poorly made alternatives that were not rigorously tested and properly inspected for quality, and are made with questionable manufacturing practices.

    The batteries we ship with our epipes are made from lithium-ion and can last hundreds, if not thousands of charge cycles before being replaced. Manuals are also included in every kit complete with instructions on how to use the e-cigar along with features and safety precautions. As with any other mechanical device, always do your best to keep it away from children and animals by storing it carefully inside its case.

  • The e-cigar liquid or more commonly known as “juice” is what separates the e-cigar from the traditional rolled tobacco. Whereas traditional cigars burn tobacco leaves, e-Cigars uses an atomizer to heat up the juice cartridge inside it to create a mist or vapor which you inhale. This liquid is scientifically formulated to simulate real smoking sensation a real tobacco gives when smoked, but without the strong odor, bad taste, and much negative effects.

    These juices come in many different flavors and varieties such as chocolate, apple, cinnamon, and a few well-known fruity concoction like Strawberry Margarita, and even Cotton Candy! There are practically hundreds of different flavors to choose from and more are added every day. Drop by our online e-cigar juice store and choose one that interests you. Better yet, buy the 5 pack! There is much fun in discovering new flavors or mixing your own to get that perfect blend.

  • Where else but from us! Here at ePuffer, we offer a wide array of flavors you can choose from. There are the common yet highly popular Apple cartridges as well as the exotic and sweet Cantelope Daiquiri. We encourage you to try and mix flavors! If you want to create your own, you can purchase our blank cartridges and concoct your own juice. Bored of the same flavor? Why not get several different ones so you can change your flavor on the fly. Or maybe swap juices with a friend and have them sample your own creation. Miss the taste of the classic tobacco? We have that too! The possibilities are endless.

    All the cartridges we sell can last up to 900 puffs which are roughly equivalent to 75 cigars. Imagine all the savings you get when you switch to e-Cigars. All of these can be ordered off of our website. We also offer individual flavor cartridges as well as packs of five.

  • One of the nicest things about our e-Cigars and vaporizers is that you can adjust how much nicotine gets into your vapor. The nicotine levels solely depend on your preference. You will not find a hard time adjusting it according to your needs, as liquid nicotine is measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/mL). There are 3 levels commonly available in the market: the zero nicotine, the 12 mg/mL (also known as 1.2%), and the 24 mg/mL, which is known as 2.4%. Don’t be confused about these numbers as they are only a guide. Start from the default configuration and tweak and build your own from there.

  • Whatever flavor or ingredient you choose, you have to decide which bottle size to buy. Choose which ones will fulfill and satisfy  your needs and cravings. The most common ones are 10 mL and 30 mL. If ever you want to try out an unfamiliar juice or if you plan to buy a lot of different flavors and mix them together, the 10 ml will likely suit you.
    Remember that e-cigar juice also expires so make sure you get your money’s worth by choosing the right size and using it all up before its expiration date.

  • We offer a wide array of e-Cigars on our website. First-time users often browse our online catalog and look for a design they like. Want the classic greenish color of the double claro? How about the black Oscuro? We have everything you are, and would be looking for. Most e-Cigars contain the same basic mechanism inside so the main feature buyers look for is its aesthetics.

    Once you decide on the design you like, you should also check the available accessories such as extra batteries, atomizers or stands. Personalize your e-pipe and make it yours.

    Still can’t make up your mind? Your friend or colleague might already be using one. Try and ask them about theirs and inform yourself.

  • Thanks to its growing popularity, e-Cigars available everywhere nowadays - and our website offers different colors, designs, and textures. The best place to get them is definitely through us! We offer some of the best e-Cigars in the market as well as free First Class shipping for U.S. and Canadian order of $50 or more. Free shipping to the UK too for orders that are over 20 quid!

    We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee! Because we are so confident you’ll love your ePuffer e-cigar, we’ll let you test it for 30 days for free! If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return it and ask for a refund.

    We have kits and bundles as well as amazing promos so be sure to check our website for more information.

  • Our e-Cigars are known for their classic look that packs a powerful performance. Each kit comes with a customized box and a manual for basic operations, as well as a 1-year warranty. Definitely an ideal gift to that special person in your life!

  • Aside from the e-cigar kit itself, we also offer the following accessories: USB battery charger, replacement mouthpieces, and extra rechargeable batteries. Also, check our teeth whitening products. As a general rule of the thumb, e-Cigars or vaporizers purchased from us should only use the accessories that we sell. Avoid using third party parts or accessories as this might not only void the warranty but also cause your ecigar not to function properly.

  • The disposable e-Cigars start at £8.95. We also offer packs of 12 at £89.95. The rechargeable E-cigar kits start at £59.95 and can be used right out of the box. This initial cost is negligible once you start using e-Cigars in place of traditional rolled cigars, which cost a lot more when compounded.

  • The statements below are from the American Association of Public Health Physicians:

    “AAPHP favors a permissive approach to e-Cigars because the possibility exists to save the lives of four million of the eight million current adult American smokers who will otherwise die of a tobacco-related illness over the next twenty years.”

    “…harm is not caused by the nicotine, but by toxic products of combustion. A cigar smoker can reduce his or her risk of future tobacco-related death by 98% or better by switching to a low-risk smokeless tobacco product. He or she could cut that risk by 99.9% or better by switching to a nicotine-only delivery product like one of the pharmaceutical products or e-Cigars.”

    “Experience suggests that e-Cigars may be more acceptable to smokers than the currently available pharmaceutical alternatives. A smoker can secure almost all the health benefits of quitting if he or she transitions to an E-cigar.”

  • Yes, we do! If e-Cigars are not your thing, or you want to have a backup device, you may purchase our e-pipe or e-cigarette. Both contain the same technology used on our amazing e-Cigars.