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Introducing, another groundbreaking product from most trusted brand in the e-cigarette & vaping industry, the revised TITAN X 2021 ( Stainless Steel )

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ePuffer TITAN X 2021 is a hybrid device, a cross between a box mod vaporizer and an electronic cigarette.

What’s special about this hybrid mod?

The new Titan X is a hybrid model meaning that we’ve combined the ease and simplicity of a hand-held e-cig with the power of a mod. A Titan will slip inconspicuously into your pocket, but its protected glass tank with a micro sub-ohm coil and high capacity 1500 mAh battery will improve your vaping experience and provide extra flavour with each puff. This Titan X offers our smoothest vape yet and includes advanced technology that prevents e-juice from leaking from the atomizer coil.

Titan X easy top refill tank

Redesigned the atomizer coil structure: 2021 model update

  • Added a Splash Guard protection mesh
  • Added an extra wrap to 0.4ohm Direct to Lungs (DTL) coil, This update produce smoother vapour, delivers excellent flavour and increase stability.

Redesigned Liquamizer Tank structure: 2021 model update

  • Refil your tank with ease using any dropper
  • Added a non removable silicon protection pad

Redesigned Battery: 2021 model update

  • Added a Quick Charge feature using USB Type-C Technology
    Battery charge time: ~55 minutes
  • Updated Power button, Titan logo imprinted from inside will not dissapear after long term use, new power protection circuit added.

PG / VG eliquid recommendations:

0.4 ohm Coil: - PG20 / VG80, PG30 / VG70, PG40 / VG60, PG50 / VG50, PG60 / VG40

1.0 ohm Coil: - PG70 / VG30

Is there anything new? What changes have you made?

The new version of the Titan X 2021 Hybrid featuring an increased battery capacity and lower resistance coil. The battery capacity has increased from 1100 mAh to 1500 mAh so that vapers can vape longer without having to recharge the battery as frequently. Formerly the Titan came with two coils of 1.0Ω and 0.5Ω, but this model comes with 1.0Ω and 0.4Ω coils.

We made the change because we found our customers are typically vapers who are still trying to make the transition from analog cigarettes, and they are more concerned with a high-quality vape and flavour delivery.

Additionally, lowering resistance to 0.4Ω ohm for more experienced vapers and cloud-chasers. We wanted to make our device as simple and streamlined as possible for vapers to take along with them to the office. Users can still experiment with the 1.0Ω and 0.4Ω coils for a personalised vaping experience, but with the Titan X, we are more concerned with the usability. The higher resistance coils will last longer and preserve e-juice making the experience that much more effortless.


Titan X sub-ohm coil structure


The TITAN X kit includes the following:

  • A rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh
  • TITAN X Glass Tank liquimizer
  • An atomizer coil with an electric resistance of 1.0 ohm
  • An atomizer coil with an electric resistance of 0.4 ohm
  • A USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • An easy-to-follow user guide



  • Tank Capacity: 2ML ( Glass ) TPD Ready
  • Material: High Grade Triple Polished Stainless Steel
  • Power: 50 Watts - Inteli Sense Micro Controller
  • Ø=19mm Length: 130mm
  • Weight: 95g


What does being a ‘hybrid device’ mean?

TITAN is a ‘hybrid’ device, a cross between a box mod vaporizer and an electronic cigarette, because it uses two different atomizer coils, 0.4ohm andd 1.0ohm. When you vape using the 0.4 ohm coil, TITAN X works as a SUB-OHM MOD Vapouriser, but when 1.0 ohm coil is used, it works as an electronic cigarette.

But why use the two? What’s the difference?

The difference between these two is that when you use the 1.0 ohm, the vapor passes through the mouth and then through the lungs ( MTL ). On the other hand, when 0.4 ohm coil is used, it shoots the vapor directly to the lungs ( DL ), providing a ( hookah / shisha ) like vaping experience.

Why should an avid fan of electronic smoking (just like you) purchase this unit?

TITAN X is an exceptional device that you should definitely get your hands on, because it has features that will definitely serve your vaping needs right. It is a top loading device featuring an automatic power control so you wouldn’t have to worry about the complex stuff like wattage/voltage settings. As outlined above, TITAN X gives you two distinct vaping modes: 1.0 ohm coil delivers vapors from your mouth to your lungs, while a 0.4 ohm coil delivers it directly to your lungs. This device is TPD Ready and has a 2mL tank capacity.

While being powerful, TITAN X is still very portable and is small enough for you to take it anywhere! Truly an impressive device.



Very happy with my new Titan. Great size and hits very well. Fits good in my pocket.

After a discussion with Zack who he gave me excellent advice on some technical issues I have now rectified the problems I had to my satisfaction. I am pleased as I think it's a very well made device. Hopefully my feedback will be helpful in your future dealings with other customers. I would like to thank all the support staff and especially Zack for helping in such a timely and friendly manner. To me the support staff of a company are as important as the hardware itself and both have been of the highest quality. As a result I look forward to my dealings with E-Puffer as a regular and happy customer in future.

I bought this as an upgrade to ePuffer's Phantom HD3, which I've used for 6 months or so, and was very happy with. I'm a relative newcomer to vaping; as an ex-smoker of 10 years, I had a slight relapse last year, and used the Phantom to quit the cancer sticks - with immediate success.

First impressions are the exceptional build quality - from the moment of opening the packaging, the Titan X is clearly very well machined and has a 'premium' feel about it. It is shorter and thicker than the Phantom; more stable when stood up on the base, and less noticeable when carrying around in your pocket.

The MTL function is far superior to that of the Phantom, with a more satisfying throat and lung hit, and a satisfying vape cloud. (I have not tried the sub-ohm coils yet). I have also noticed a definite improvement in vape flavour, using the same ePuffer menthol e-liquid I used in the Phantom.

The increased 2ml tank is nearly 25% larger than the Phantom, and whilst it doesn't sound a huge amount larger than 1.6ml, it is very apparent that it requires less refills in day-to-day use. It's a shame we don't get the 3ml tank available in the U.S... but that's not ePuffer's fault.

Battery life is excellent, and easily sees me through the day. The variable airflow intake is also a nice feature (I do notice that this is a little 'loose', and sometimes it can be inadvertently adjusted whilst vaping - however, it is very little effort to just slide it back. Nevertheless, a notched, semi-locking aperture would be better). The only other issue I've experienced is that it is possible to screw the mouthpiece on too tight, which consequently makes it very hard to remove.

However, this is a minor quibble when compared to how easy the device is to refill - no more turning upside down, and fiddling with the bottle whilst trying not to spill any residual liquid left in the liquamiser, as I did with the Phantom. Over a week's use now, with ZERO spills or leakage whatsoever.

In summary, a very impressive piece of kit that presents excellent value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
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