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    Thanks to Delia for fantastic customer service. Thoroughly enjoying my new 629 pipe and the spares for my 605 allowing me to use up 17 packs of cartridges I have left.

    Thank you Delia.


    My wife has been smoking for 40 years and has refused point blank to stop. She has tried e-cigs on occasion and didn't get on with them.
    Because of where we are going on holiday this year, she needed an alternative to cigarettes. She wanted something discrete and natural for a smoker, that was still a little stylish.
    Much web surfing led me to ePuffer and the Magnum kit.
    Bought it. She tried it......
    "These are better than cigarettes!" says she.
    Two weeks later, she is down from 40 to 5 a day and I've just ordered a load more snaps.
    Thanks ePuffer, I think we've cracked it.

    I had a call today because I’d ordered the wrong coil. The person I spoke to had taken the time to check that I had the right Titan model. I’d ordered the wrong coil. She agreed to send me the right coil.

    This is another example of your excellent customer service. I have found your company to be extremely professional, capable and efficient. Too often we don’t send positive feedback. So I just wanted to say thank you to your people.

    I already knew this was a top company as seen reviews but I can honestly say this is the best company I've dealt with, ever, Prompt and definitely puts the customer first. I had an issue and replacement parts with me in just under 24 hours. Wow. Top drawer after sales. I'm gonna deal with this lot long term.

    Amazing product, extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff

    Thanks for the great service.

    Living on the other side of the world and dealing by mail order I was sceptical as to product delivery. I recently had to return some epipe 629 products as they were faulty. They were replaced and dispatched within 24 hours to me. Unbelievable but well done. I am more than satisfied with the service and back up provided.

    Love love love your products.... x x x

    I enjoy the product greatly and have recommended it to family and friends. Your outstanding customer service is an added bonus. I will be purchasing another unit in the next few days to give as a gift!

    My husband is very pleased with the E-pipe. It looks and feels like a real pipe and he gets the same pleasure from having a smoke of his normal brand of tobacco. Wishes he had got it 50 years ago.