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Industry’s first Electronic Cigarette using SNAPS® Patented Magnetic Activation and Screw-less design. Using innovative SNAPS E-PACK technology ePuffer once again takes Electronic Cigarettes to a whole new level.

October 30, 2019 - London, UK: ePuffer unveils the New SNAPS® REV4 E-Cigarette Kit, featuring Quick Charge function and upgraded battery.

The ePuffer SNAPS® E-PACK boasts innovative technology in two separate forms, the Electronic Cigarette and Personal Charging Case.

SNAPS® technology features patented magnetic activation and screw-less design, which allows the user to simplify the process of changing a wide array of atomized cartridges. While continually focusing on the user experience, new battery improvements offer an extended lifespan of 400 charge cycles and the cartridge capacity has been increased by 20%

The battery charging case mirrors the design of a standard cigarette pack, but offers sleek durability to protect the SNAPS® secured inside. An emergency flashlight is located on the case’s exterior as a feature to aid any dimly lit situation.

ePuffer SNAPS® REV4 E-PACK E-Cigarette Starter Kit Contents

  • 1 Personal Charging Case ( PCC / E-PACK ) Quick Charge - New!
  • 1 Battery ( Ø= 9mm, length: 55mm ) ASH TIP / RED LED
  • 1 Battery ( Ø= 9mm, length: 55mm ) ASH TIP / BLUE LED
  • 3 Premium Tobacco sample cartridges - Delivers Up-to 300 Puffs Each ( ~ 1 pack of regular cigarettes )
  • Universal AC/USB Adapter - 110/240V
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • USB Charger with Quick Charge Function - New!
  • User Guide


  • SNAPS® Magnetic Charging socket ( drop and charge )
  • High Rate Discharge Internal Battery - New Upgraded to 600mAh
  • Extended Lifespan, 400 charge cycles
  • Holds: 1 Assembled E-Cigarette ( 92mm ), Spare Battery and Cartomizer
  • Quick Charge Function - New


  • SNAPS® Magnetic Activation and Screwless Design
  • High Rate Discharge, Capacity: 140mAh
  • Extended Lifespan, Charge cycles: 400
  • Quick Charge Function - New


  • SNAPS® Magnetic Screwless Design
  • Increased cartridge capacity by 20% - 1 cartridge equals approx. 300 puffs.
  • Direct air-intake for smoother draw and silent operaton
  • Fresh atomizer in each cartridge
  • Available Nicotine densities: 2.0%, 1.2% and 0%

The Science Bit

When air flows through the device it is detected by a tiny microprocessor. This activates the atomizer which dispenses miniscule droplets of liquid into the air flow. A secret combination of propylene or vegetable glycerine is added to increase the resemblance to real smoke. This quickly evaporates into a vapor and smokers inhale the most life like alternative to cigarette smoke on the market.

Why This is Needed

Alternative ways to give up smoking or to choose a smoke-free lifestyle are of course effective however smokers tend to return to cigarettes as they miss the habit of smoking along with the nicotine. The brain associates inhaling smoke with the calming and stress relieving properties of nicotine and so when the smoking experience is taken away, smokers must retrain their brain and make significant changes to their lifestyle in order to maximise willpower.

These changes include being active after meals, taking up a hobby that uses the hands or meditation techniques, many also find that they replace this hand to mouth habit with food, which in turn causes the weight increase many new non-smokers complain of.

Why ePuffer is the Best Electronic Cigarette on the Market

ePuffer doesn’t claim to be the only solution for those looking to cut down or give up smoking but it does deliver everything a smoker needs to choose a smoke-free lifestyle. For instance, it delivers varying strengths of nicotine to enable users to wean off gradually while mirroring a cigarette without delivering toxic tar and chemicals to the lungs.

The ePuffer don’t smell so there is no longer a lingering odour on clothes. With the elimination of smoke and tar, premature aging decreases, and skin becomes clearer. Gums are healthier and teeth can return to a natural white not stained by smoke from a real cigarette.

As new ePuffer SNAPS® is so easier to “snap” together there is no stress, as taking one out of the E-PACK PCC takes less than dispensing a real cigarette and so nicotine cravings can be combatted in seconds.



Got my full kit with PCC today. This is an awesome system.


*Ease of use, no screw threads to mess with.
*Drop the battery into the charging case and your charging!
*Two batteries supplied with the kit, charge 1 and use 1.
*3 carts supplied with kit.
*Both a mains charger and USB single Battery charger supplied!

*Coil resistance is a little too high for me at 2.7Ω, would prefer an
option of 1.5 to 2.0Ω for a better throat hit.

I'm very hard to impress and it has been a while since I was this excited about anything. Well maybe nespresso coffee maker, as that machine does wonders as well. ePuffer you have my loyalty and trust in your brand, because in 25 years of trying to quit smoking, nothing and I will repeat nothing came close. I'm smoke free for the second week now, and very confident that I will never go back to smoking real cigarette again. Thank You!

This e-cigarette blew my mind, it's small, sexy , has a pcc and performs like no other cig-a-like. It vapes extremely well and the taste of the cartridges is the best on the market in my opinion, no stupid chemical sweet tasting aftertaste, when they say they deliver tobacco taste, they deliver tobacco taste! I absolutely love your product but for a very heavy smoker like me, I would like to see 18 mg instead of 12. And even though you guys released blank cartridges, I'm sticking with your e-liquids. Any of my friends or relatives who want to quit smoking , I will point them to your company!

From one satisfied customer

Best e cigarette what I used. Super design, easy to use.
Have already ordered for my daddy and brother.
Also, thank you for your best customer services, I'm very satisfied.

Super product. I'm using a vaporizer for several months now, but bought these to have a more mainstream e sigaret that doesn't look like you're comming from mars. And these do just that, looks great, excellent quality and nice taste. Only doesn't get 5 stars, because I would love to have more tastes of sweets and tobacco in the starter kit, so I can choose wich is the best taste for me. But I will definatly be ordering these cartridges in the comming days. Top product and excellent shipping.

I am using this epuffer starter kit for about 2 days now and i must say that it does the job verry well !!
I am a regular smoker that used to smoke about 10 to 15 cigarettes a day.
I have not touched a cigarette in 2 days now and i don't have the craving to do so , instead i vape !
Really awesome product for the user who wants to do something about its healt but can not miss the nicotine.
premium tobacco 1.2mg is the way to go if you are taking the step from a normal cig to a e-cig.
Verry fast shipping to Belgium ,again verry impressed by this product


This is exactly what I was looking for. As a smoker this device works very well for me as I was looking for vape device that looks and feels like a cigarette. I have tried other vape mods and just can't get used to huge vapor and very airy draw. Well done ePuffer!

Even in today's vaping community this needs more attention. The quality of the product, the strong flavor of these tiny devices compared to the other huge vape models with messing about on liquid, we proven and likeable concept if you ask me!

Amazing product. My wife doesn't like complicated things and the Magnum Snaps 3 is exactly the opposite of that. She and I love it.

Thank you very much! I just ordered the sheesha flavours. Can't wait to try those out!

Brilliant piece of kit. As I’m in the UK I was worried about having to get an adapter for the plug. No need to worry as epuffer sent me a UK USB plug and also sent one of the Magnum Snaps battery chargers! Initially didn’t receive my premium tobacco (an additional purchase not the free tobacco variety that comes as a bonus) but gave them a call and recieved it within 24 hours. Just cycled through all the tobacco flavours to see which ones I will be ordering, in bulk, along side extra batteries and bits of kit (just in case they stop doing any of them as I’m not looking to quit nicotine just the cigarettes). I’ve seen people complaining about the drag on the cartomisers but I don’t see this as a problem because, for me, it replicates normal cigarettes. The only other complaint I’ve seen is the snapping sound of the PCC becoming annoying but I find it’s just like a Zippo lighter. I was initially worried about the product and customer service because of dealing with another company that is owned by one of the largest tobacco companies and whose method seems to be to saturate the market with their cheap tat. The company’s name is a colour. The same one as the sky. Do not use this other company. Go with epuffer. This product is exactly what I was looking for. Something to replicate smoking without the hassle of tipping up liquids, replacing parts and walking around with something that looks like a major component of a motor vehicle. This does that. Pop the battery in to charge. Snap the cartomiser in to smoke. Boom! Amazing!
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