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ePuffer Makes it Easy for You to Escape the Smoke

We are an award winning global leader in the design, creation and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, focusing first and foremost on your smoking experience. We envisage a world where everyone escapes the smoke and chooses a healthier lifestyle without comprising on the satisfaction a cigarette brings.

We’ve spent time developing our products to ensure we bring you only the best smoking solutions, electronic cigarettes, pipes and cigars that mirror the real experience. With our electronic smoking innovations, we’re confident that you can escape the smoke, choosing a longer, happier life that allows you to have your cake and eat it.

Through various nicotine strengths, a wealth of flavours and devices, we make it easy to choose a non-smoking life. All you have to do is swap to ePuffer and let our products lead you to a healthier future, one that’s so easy to attain through our innovative designs.

Take the first step now and see what all the fuss is about, you can still enjoy a smoke with ePuffer as we make switching easy.

Free your body from the smoke and give it the tools it needs to recover without giving up your guilty pleasure.

Be a quitter without giving up what you love. - Choose ePuffer.